FLEXI fondino

The models with the FLEXI stamp are no only fixed-size modules, they will have tailored in height and width without any cost increase. FLEXI allows you to design in absolute freedom, taking advantage of all available space and always choosing from the wide range of essences, finishes and colors of Ballancin production. FLEXI hinghed opening doors: Free, Jackie, Linea, Miller, Rod. FLEXI sliding opening doors: Free, Jackie, Linea, Side.

Ballancin present their new designer Michele Marcon


The collaboration between Ballancin and the designer Michele Marcon led to the new and important night collection and wardrobes collection of 2018. What do the Ballancin offer and the philosophy of one of the most innovative designer have in common? Michele Marcon tells us about it. “Sobriety and linearity can be recognized as the main characteristics of my style, and so also a minimalism of shapes that are enhanced through …

50 Th Anniversary


We have fifty years of experience in woodworking behind us. It was 1968 when the Ballancin brothers founded an artisan workshop in which they initially made modular bedroom furniture. The company grew quickly and it was already industrial scale making more sophisticated evolved bedroomfurniture and wardrobes. Ballancin now looks to the future with serenity and enthusiasm in the knowledge that it can count on a varied and fruitful past, tradition …

Ballancin present their NEW LOGO

logo_ballancin_sito pic

Transformed to mark their continuity. In the logotype, the decision to retain the initial capital letter is the fil rouge that links past and present together. The concatenation between the “a” and “n” – with two letters one on top of the other – harks back to the intertwining of the two capital “B”s in the pictogram.

Event of Sensitaliani-LH, Association of Architects of Milan, 26th – 27th November 2015


In the context of the partnership with Sensitaliani-LH, Ballancin will participate in the event on the 26th and 27th of November that Sensitaliani –LH is organizing in the offices of the Association of Architects of Milan, in Via Solferino, 19. It is an important moment for sharing ideas on the theme of the Luxury Hotel, getting together architects who over the years have designed the most refined hotels in the …

Ballancin – Tailor Made Furniture


The new catalogue Tailor Made Furniture by Ballancin. We develop contract projects from the starting point of client designs in the hotel sector and elsewhere. We put our fifty years of experience in woodworking at the disposal of designers, our knowledge of materials, manufacturing processes and finishings. We help both clients and the professionals working with them to bring paper designs to fruition, suggesting alterations and alternative points of view …

Ballancin partner of SENSITALIANI-LH


In becoming part of SENSITALIANI-LH Ballancin wants to develop herself within a network of enterprises which focus on the luxury hotel sector. SENSITALIANI-LH is a network of Italian enterprises oriented towards the field of luxury hotels while at the same time constituting a platform for promoting and publicizing the quality of Italian design, for creating a new bridge between the luxury hotel business and its clients, between the most technically …